Welcome to The Indiana Firefighters Association

About Us


The Indiana Firefighters Association is the oldest association of firefighters in the state. Membership in the Association is open to career and volunteer firefighters who serve with fire departments/companies throughout Indiana, as well as military, industrial and EMT individuals. Retired firefighters and surviving spouses.

Proceeds fund the sponsorship effort and assist the Indiana Firefighters Association with its ongoing commitment to its fire service members. The Association endorses improved methods of fire fighting and an increased emphasis on fire safety, prevention and education. IFA may also lobby the General Assembly on behalf of firefighters in the State of Indiana.

The Indiana Firefighters Association recognizes the severe impact of burn-related injuries and the need to help victims cope with this trauma. The physical and emotional impact of burns can be devastating not only to the victim, but to the victim's family and friends. Efforts such as The Hoosier Burn Camp Fund seek to address these serious concerns.

Your participation as a sponsor is greatly appreciated and will assist the Association in serving its fire fighter members from throughout Indiana.

                                                    Thank you on behalf of all firefighter members of the Indiana Firefighters Association..